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Implementation problems with OSCOMMERE ? ... ...


I am porting a running shop in OSCOMMERCE


to a site on a TCH server.

Here some helpful information for those who want to do this, too:


I downloaded my (a bit modified) OSCOMMERCE code

from the former site (not TCH)

und uploaded the identical file set to the new site (TCH).


I dumped / re-inserted the MySQL data.

(Requires .gz and - better - ''complete'' inserts.

Otherwise 'some 'magic character conversions'' for French, German

creates ESCAPE char conflicts.)


I updated by hand the files configure.php

(files from OSCOMMERCE).


There were some time-consuming problems,

but all were due to my specific modificationss of OSCOMMERCE

and so on.


So if you have problems porting an OSCOMMERCE shop

to TCH, try to find the reasons in your specific code and data

und verify your import method and thie files configure.php .


The original OSCOMMERCE, as well as extension modules,

all should work with absolutely no need of modification on TCH servers.


- ''don pedro'' - :D

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Difference between binary / ascii


One of the difficulties was due to the need to obsere for FTP uploads

now more precisely the differentiate properly between binary and ascii.

The automatic recognition features for this may differ between hosters.

So if the image display does not work on a new server,

this is one of the possible reasons.


- ''don pedro'' -


Thumbs Up

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:D Welcome to the Family don pedro :dance:


and your new home!

Yes it always helps to lay out the problem for others to see,

and thus we see it from a different view.

And no your post is not wasted, as it may help someone else in the future.

So thanks for the update.


We really are like family here.

So if you need anything,

just ask your new family!

We love to help :)

Edited by TCH-Don
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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the welcome messages!

By the way, in German it is: Willkommen in der Familie.

In French (I think): Soyez le bien-venu dans la famille.



Helpful info for new users of MySQL data bases at TCH:

Once that the data base and the DB user are

created, the admininstrator should be aware

that he has to link both together by using the

lowest of the buttons on the MySQL menu.


The automatic install methof of OSCOMMERCE works well, too

(no need, in this case, to modify configure.php by hand.)


There is a general silly difficulty with PhpMyAdmin for MYSQL data bases.

The data import menu does not show any reaction

when accepting and executing the import job.

For bigger data bases and slower connections, this can take 15 and far more minutes...

So do not interrupt - continue waiting.


''Don Pedro'' :dance:

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