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Page Scrolling Script

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Hi. I'm looking for one of those scipts used to scroll up and down pages. The ones you mouseover an arrow for example and page instantly start scrolling (up or down depending on image you're pointing).


Could anyone suggest me a simple script for that? And if there are some technicalities, I'd like them explained please.


If you don't have time for that, I'd still appreciate some script suggestions.



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The script I used is "designed this script to work in IE4+, NS4+, and Opera 6+" as they say. So I guess it'll work great with almost any browser... Would you please try it out with yours?




It works like a charm in mine :(

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Yes that works. Clicking on it causes my browser to freeze while it pops up a javascript error, though. Remember - clicking is a common thing for links, that could cause issues.


Also something to bear in mind is useability. People are trained to look for the browser scrollbar - they are not trained to look for arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen. Much of your content may go unbrowsed / unnoticed / unfindable due to this. Depends on the design, ultimately. =)

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