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Installing Link Management Assistant


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Hey guys -


Yup, it's me again.


This time I'm trying to install Duncan Carver's Link Management Assistant. It's a REALLY COOL link management tool and it's free. I'll try to find the website and post it here for you guys.


Right now, I've followed the instructions exactly - wow, I'm getting pretty good at this PHP stuff!!


I created a database in MySQL called LMA and added a user with all priviledges.


When I go to the install page: http://www.thecorpwriter.com/lma/install.php

It asks for the MySQL database server. I've put my server #, I've put my URL, I've put my user name and nothing is working. Can you tell me what it is??


Also, I'm confused on what the MySQL username and password is. Do I create it there? Does it have to be different from the admin username and password?


Thanks guys!!!!


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Hey Rick -


I fotgot to tell you, I tried localhost too.


I get this error:



Couldn't connect to the specified MySQL server


Could it be because I could be using the wrong MySQL username and password? I dont' know what that is, I didn't create one for it. I'm assuming that as I'm adding the information to the install.php page that it is creating it for me.


Also, I'm using "lma" as my database name. I am not adding anything to it. Should I be using "lma_database" or something?? It doesn't say to in the intall instructions.


Any other ideas for the database server?




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Lisa -


Thanks for reminding me of that. Yes, I did do it though! LOL The install instructions told me to. Otherwise I wouldn't have known. I named the new database "lma" and added a user with all access.


Anything else you can think of? I'm searching their forums for advice on this, but everything I'm reading says this type of error has to be dealt with from my hosting company. (sigh)


I'm sorry!


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Yes, I replaced "cpanelname" with my own.


Yes, there are strings.

Connection Strings

Perl $dbh = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:thecorp_lma:localhost","thecorp_shelwrit","<PASSWORD HERE>");

PHP $dbh=mysql_connect ("localhost", "thecorp_shelwrit", "<PASSWORD HERE>") or die ('I cannot connect to the database because: ' . mysql_error());

mysql_select_db ("thecorp_lma");


Does that help?? Is it okay that I posted it here? Lord, I'm lost!

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not to brag but I had no problems :dance:

I uploaded everything and set the permissions

created my DB and user and added the user

I attached a pic of the install page to give you an example of how I setup mine.

Also make sure you have no spaces at the end of your entries on this page and double check your permissions. If you still can't get it let me know and I'll try to help you thru it.


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