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Debian is a distribution of the Linux operating system (originally created by Linus Torvalds).


BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution ... created at UC Berkeley originally) is a whole different Operating system (with multiple derivations as well).


OpenBSD (put together by the same people who provide the most commonly used SSH software, OpenSSH) in particular is often considered one of the most secure operating systems due to their intensive auditing process (team of people who continually audit the software looking for security issues) and the fact that they distribute the OS in a secure by default configuration, so that all but the most essential services are off by default, and the user has to turn on services that they want... unlike the more common method of shipping an OS with most services enabled by default including many that may never used by the end user, leaving more potential security risks.


Of course, with all that said, you might ask, well why then doesn't everyone run OpenBSD, and that comes down to functionality. Although BSD and Linux are both Unix variants, Linux today is more popular than BSD, and generally has more 3rd party support in the way of applications being ported or written for it.

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