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Pop Server "connection Refused"


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I'm all of a sudden started having a problem getting my mail. No settings changed from yesterday, but now I get an error saying "the connection was refused".


I use Thunderbird, but the same problem occurs with Outlook Express.


I can get my through T-bird if I turn on SSL and deal with the certificate errors each time, but until yesterday I got my mail normally.


Any ideas what may have changed?



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Hi Andrew,


My first guess would be that you got disconected at some stage in the middle of a POP connection, and it has locked the inbox.


If you submit a support ticket we'll take a look at it for you - be sure to include the email address and password on the ticket so we can test it.

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I put in a Help Desk ticket but haven't even gotten the 'we have received your ticket' message that I usually get.


I clicked the button to check the status of the ticket, entered my e-mail address under "Forget Key" and requested it, but never received anything.


All in all, very odd.

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Andy answered the ticket several hours ago. I logged into your main account with no problems as well. Andy requested the username and password for the account that was not working. Please open another ticket including that information so we can look and if you have an email account not based on your domain name use that email so that if there is a problem with your account here you will receive the replies.

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