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I'm becoming paranoid.


Hotmail recently limited the number of outgoing messages that a user can send out to 100 per day. http://www.msnbc.com/news/890012.asp I think setting a limit is a good way to prevent a professional spammer from signing up for a domain and using it to send out spam messages. A risk we all face is if one of our clients sends Spam on the shared server. The Spam Police will then put our shared IP address on their blacklist and email from anyone using the shared server will get blocked. Yikes!


1) Does anyone else see this as a potential risk? and 2) Is it possible to set a limit per day on the number of email's a domain can send out using Web Host Manager?



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I'm confused. Is your question in regards specifically to resellers and limiting their resold accounts? If so, I'll ask you to please make those questions through the Reseller forums here...just keeps it easy for the ones reading and replying. :lol: (I'll move this topic to Reseller Support if indeed that's the case.


To my knowledge there is no way to limit the number of emails allowed to be sent by a reseller client account. I believe this is a server level function, towit, everyone on the server would be subjected.


Of course spamming is always of concern to a hosting company. And TCH is no different, except that TCH is VERY vocal about the consequences of spamming from their servers and ready to suspend/terminate any account found doing so.


You can refer to this post for the Policy.



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Lianna -


Perhaps you could also point n2acces toward the thread we had recently re: server load, where we not only discussed outgoing mail, but also SMTP requests and possible time limits being put on the servers for the amount of times per hour that anyone could query their mail server.


I can't find the thread yet myself, or I would do it! I'll keep looking though, just in case. :lol:



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"Is your question in regards specifically to resellers and limiting their resold accounts?"


Hi Li,


Yes, I'm mostly concerned about resold accounts, where a reseller does not have control, other than through Terms of Service. Please move the topic.


My concern is that because a number of resellers and their clients use the same IP address, if any of us on a shared server are ever unlucky enough to get a spammer as a client, it's bad for all of us because we share the same IP address. It's the IP address that will get blacklisted.


What I'm suggesting is to limit the number of emails that can be sent to some reasonable number that would only impact the professional spammer. Someone sending out 100 or even 500 emails per day is not going to be a real spammer, that's just a small company. The problem is if someone has a list with 100,000 or 500,000 names. That will get us all blacklisted.


Am I off base? Is this something that we should be concerned about? Thoughts please?

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n2access -


First, let me just say -- isn't Lianna great?!?! B) Thanks Lianna, for finding that thread!


If you've gone through the thread, you'll notice (besides my long messages) the fact that I've talked about sending out email to a list of customers (and others who want who want info from my firm) that is over 1,000 people. However, it's something that, due to the ample cautioning of TCH (in the form of posts that EXPRESSLY warn of DIRE consequences for spamming) I checked with them to make sure I was OK. The Head Guru didn't have a problem with it, so long as the list is comprised of people that actually want this information.


The point being, if you have people who are buying from you as a reseller, make certain that they see ALL of the information that TCH puts out regarding spam. Knowing that TCH allows people to run their business by being able to send out large amounts of info, but is VERY serious about not allowing spam, I think your customers will get the same point that we all got upon looking at (or after joining) TCH. TCH provides copies of the AUP and TOS for we resellers to use to send to those buying service from us.


Sorry for the long message, but once you start writing like a lawyer, you can't stop. It's a curse!! B) Hope this helps!



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