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Do I Need A New Site Or Subdomain?


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Hi all!


It's me again with lots of questions. I hope I'm not in the wrong forum channel for this question.


I have a website already. Love it! And LOVE TCH.


I'm thinking of developing another site, semi-related, but I would want it to have it's own domain name - not be a sub of my first one.


For example I already have: www.myfirstsite

I don't want to have: www.myfirstsite.com/mysecondsite

I want: www.mysecondsite



Can a redirect do that?




Do I need to purchase another package from TCH and create a whole new site.


Does any of this make sense? Do I need to clarify?


Thanks guys!


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Yes you need a whole new account for a second site with its own domain.

As per the AUP (You may only host one domain per virtual account; resellers are allowed to host unlimited domains.)

you may not point or redirect another domain name to a part of your site.

To open a second account you might be better off to open a help ticket asking about a second account.


I think if you try to sign up again you will get a message that you already have an account here.

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With a reseller account you can have multiple domains. You can resell web space to others but you don't have too.


If you are going to have more than 4 domains then a reseller account would be the way to go. You just purchase a domain name and create another folder and package in your reseller account to add it.

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Okay Bruce, or anyone else....


I'm ready to start buying new domain names and creating new websites.


I'm still just a tad bit confused. Do I have to get a reseller account to have multiple domain names? Or, can I go with something else like a Gold account? Or, do I absolutely have to go with a reseller account?


I know I'll have to open a help ticket to do it.... I'm just trying to save $$. As usual... LOL





Rock Sign


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You would need a reseller account to create additional sites.


You can only point addtional domains to the same place as your original domain on regular hosting accounts. One entry point per shared hosting accounts.

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For normal accounts the addon domain is disabled in cpanel,

you need a reseller acount to use addon domains.


For normal accounts you may not have a second domain point to file, folder or subdomain.

You can have the techs park a second domain on top of your main domain so it will resolve to your main domain.

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