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Ssl Cert Problem With Email


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OK, I give up!


Maybe someone else has come across this problem before and can point me in the right direction before I lose the plot completely!


Been using Thunderbird (Windows) successfully for some time.

Got TCH to setup SSL for me on my domain a month or so again for card transactions.

Everything was working fine.


Reinstalled Windows a couple of weeks ago (along with XP SP2) and since then whenever I send mail, Thunderbird complains about server52 not being a "trusted site".


I can "temporarily" trust the certificate, but the question reappears a few times each day. Tried Eudora to eliminate Thunderbird from the equation, and it does more or less the same (except it won't send it all).


Submitted a ticket and got a reply saying that it is all OK and that it must be a problem with my email client configuration (although nothing configuration-wise has changed and when I tried Eudora, it was a clean install with default settings)


I've attached a couple of screenshots, as it's easier to see what's what ...


First of all, the error message:




And secondly, one of the Thunderbird config pages:





Ideas anyone?





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I once entered a ticket on something along the same lines and got this response:

The error you are receiving is normal on a shared SSL certificate. You can click on View Certificate and add it to your trusted certificates to avoid the message in the future.

From what I understand, the certificate is shared on all sites on the same server. So the certificate does not belong to *your* website in particular but to all sites on that server. Thunderbird is just making sure that your ok with that, in my case it was Firefox and I was able to add the certificate with no problems.


If I'm wrong, which I probably am, someone correct me :)


btw: Google came up with this page when I searched for shared SSL www.ourshop.com/resources/shared-ssl.html loaded with more technical info that I can take in on a Monday morning. Can someone translate it to layman's terms? :)


hope that helps,


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You can choose to permanently accept the certificate even though the identity of the server hasn't been verified. The purpose for a verified server is to ensure that you are actually connecting to that particular server instead of another server masquerading to be that server.


The only way this can be overcomed is if you have your very own SSL certificates installed. I'm not sure if TotalChoiceHosting does this for shared hosting and what's the pricing like (it could be on their pages somewhere, if not, hopefully someone who knows will come along and answer it). Can anybody clarify please?


So what you essentially end up getting is a secure connection between you and the mail server where everything that gets sent to and fro between your email program on your computer and the mail server on TotalChoiceHosting is scrambled (encrypted) and secure. It's only the identity of the server that cannot be authenticated, in other words, whether it's really TotalChoiceHosting's mail server or someone else pretending to be TotalChoiceHosting's mail server.


I hope this helps.

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I'm suddenly having a similar problem with Thunderbird. All was well till today, when it suddenly couldn't connect to my mail server ("the connection was refused"). I turned on SSL and that worked, except that I keep getting that certificate message.


I actually came to the forums now to see if anyone else was having a problem.

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