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Hey hey,


I'm having a problem, and I wondered if anyone here has had a similar problem and has overcome it. Deciding I had reached a stage in my life where it was of exceeding importance for me to make a website, I eventually settled with the "comedy/satire" theme. Finding totalchoicehosting, I found an extremely competitive/reliable host ( Rock Sign ), and began work on the site. Now I feel I have moulded the site into arguably the seventh wonder of the world, but I have one small problem...




Some tips on how to promote a site such as mine would be greatly appreciated. If you're interested in having a look at the site, the address is...



Cheers folks.


Alec Currie


[edit] Link removed - there's some adult related content there and these are family forums. Sorry :dance:

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Sorry about that =) Please have a link at the forum guidelines for a more in depth explanation.


Now, as to what you can do. You can do some search engine optimization (SEO) and there is help with that in the SEO forum here.


You can also try to use ping-o-matic on updates; this is a list of recently updated sites through a few mediums and can generate a bit of traffic.


The other thing is to get out there and get your site added to community lists, etc. Take part in other's sites and you may find your readership increasing.


I also posted an article on winning friends and influencing people about building readership - so that and the responses might help =) Note, that is a blogging specific forum so some of the information is rather specific. =)


Hope that helps!

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We used to think "If I build it, people will come." That was in the 80's and there were a few thousand websites around. Now we must do something to get people to come to our sites.


One way that is, in my opinion, relied on too heavily is search engines. The idea is to get to #1 or #2 on the search engines for a term and you're set. That also used to work but not as well today.


As common as websites are you will have to use everything at your disposal to get people to see it and then don't be too discouraged if they don't. Did you see that ad that Armstrong Chevy put in the paper last Tuesday? Maybe not but you may have seen the TV commercial, billboard, heard the radio spot, etc. We have to market our sites that way too. Put the address on letterhead, envelopes, business cards, flyers, bumper stickers, company trucks, etc... not just the search engines.


A signature block in every email you send out is another good tool.

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Robert is right. They are a big boost on Google but think about this - if you sell doggy chew toys and you get a link from Ma's Cookies then people probably won't follow the link to your site if they are looking for a nice dessert cookie.


If, however, you get a link from the local vet or the ASPCA or the dog food company then more of their visitors are likely to come to your site looking for chew toys for their best friend.

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