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I Want To Just Use Mysql Fromt His Hosting Server


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Hi will explain the scenario.


i have a 1 year accnt with ntchosting

good bandwidtha and storage but the thing is the ntchosting are not providing any mysql storage more than 10 mb , so i got a accnt in total choice host6ing now so i want use just the mysql database from here and use the phpbbforum and movable type code in the other server point to total choise hosting ,how to specify the mysql database server in total choice hosting to ntc hosting.



ntc hosting - phpbb forum and MT php scripts

total choice hosting - mysql server and datbase


Point the ntc hosting server php scripts to mysql database in total choice hosting .

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Hi Rupya,


Welcome to the family ;) :)


Sorry for the slow reply - but you have asked a very wide question ;)


Each script will need to be modified seperately.


First, I would log into your cpanel, and go into manage mysql where you can allow other hosts to access your database here. Add the IP address of the server hosting your scripts.


You will then need to go to each script and determine where it has the configuration for the mysql database.


There you will need to set the host, username and password to be the database information at the server here.


Perhaps it is best to go through each one of these seperately.


Alternatively - you can just move the accounts over to TCH and have them running on the same server ;)

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how to specify the mysql database server in total choice hosting to ntc hosting.

If you have a domain pointing to your account here, the server and port for mysql in your apps would be:


Server: ******

Port: 3306


If you don't have a domain pointing to your account, you can use the totalchoice name for your server:


Server: serverX.totalchoicehosting.com

Port: 3306


Where X is the number of your server (see your welcome message or your cPanel).


The db name, username and password are what you setup in cPanel for each DB you create. Keep in mind that usernames and database names are preceeded by your account name, so if you cPanel login is "bob", your database would be something like "bob_mydbname" and your user "bob_myusername".


Most of the apps you are using already will likely have the database server defined as "localhost". That's what you'll need to change.


Hope that helps.

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