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"it's In There!"


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We have a debate in our office about a spaghetti sauce commercial that ran years ago. needs garlic, onion,etc. and the final statement was always


"It's in there!"


SOOOO... please help out with this: which product did that slogan go with????



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Twice today you have come to my aid!

Thank you!


I had done searches on advertising slogans, for ragu and prego but could find nothing to confirm the slogan. Really appreciate the image. Thumbs Up



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I was given a Dr Pepper by a co-worker for having resolved a long-standing "great taste, less filling" type competition!


Every time the slogan was used in the office (many times a week!) it caused a few rounds of Prego/Ragu comments from several people. It actually could sometimes lead to irritation and hard feeling at being considered wrong...some folks are NEVER wrong you know. Others like me often are but when we are right, it is such a surprise and pleasure.


By having the final answer (woooot I got it right for once!) settled the issue, especially with the image of the advertisement! Peace again reigns until the next product advertisement war.


-Samantha ;)

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