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HI, Ineed some advise on speeding up the loading time for my index page http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com . I have been told that css can help. At the moment I have a high listing on google and yahoo and dont want to loose this. Can anyone help with css or make any other suggestions. I would like to put more information on the index page but as it is I my download time is high. HELP. Also if you have any suggestions please tell me step by step as I am self taught and this is my first web page, so I am not up with all the web jargen.


:) steve

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I recently finished the book "Cascading Style Sheets - The Designer's Edge" by Molly E. Holzschlag of www.molly.com - ISBN 0-7821-4184-6 It is an awesome book on the topic and takes you from beginner to tableless design. The best thing, IMO, is that they take an existing web site and deconstruct it and then reconstruct it using CSS. A great exercise that got my head in the right place for doing that to my own sites.


W3C also has a great list of books and online resources at www.w3.org/Style/CSS/learning


Other than doing it for you it's really tough to get you from "regular" to CSS without some common ground that you can obtain by some research and maybe a book. It's not hard stuff but for someone who has not looked at it before it will seem like Greek to start off. There are hundreds of articles and tutorials on the 'net that should be able to get you up to speed.


As always, if you have any specific questions feel free to ask here.

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