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Expectations Exceeded


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I was very nervous about changing hosts and had been looking for a few months. TCH kept coming up in conversations, and after the last major down-time at the last host, people were leaving like rats from a sinking ship. The time had come.


The switch wasn't easy for me at first because getting used to the idea of not having a live person for support was very uncomfortable - plus TCH didn't support the FormMail that I was dependent upon for my business.


It's taken some time but I'm happy to say my form up and running again. I'm also blown away that TCH never let me feel like I was going through it alone.


Special thanks to Don for his upbeat, consistent assistance, and Liz for her support, in particular, as well as the many others on the helpdesk. I must say, as I wrote Don, this feels more like a 'support group' than a mere hosting company.


When I first joined you guys said "welcome home." You really did hit it on the spot. I am very pleased to carry your link on the footer of my website's pages.



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