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Boxtrapper? - What's The Point?

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Just recently I have been using the Boxtrapper feature of cPanel to limit spam mail to my account.


The snag is that some bright spark has discovered that they can use mailer-daemon@mysite.com to bypass this AND make their virused emails look like they have actually come from mail@mysite.com.


I have tried playing around with the different settings on my site to prevent this, but have been totally unable to do anything about this problem without shooting myself in the foot at the same time (which is part + parcel of using this particular exploit, I know) so I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions?


The attackers IP address I am certain is a proxy job + chasing them from mail@mysite.com will just cause them to go for, say, support@mysite.com; so I need something that will actually keep them from being able to use my 'post-office' against me.

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I cannot answer the first part but this;


AND make their virused emails look like they have actually come from mail@mysite.com.


Cannot be stopped. That is relatively simple and there is no cure for it. Making a simple change in my Outlook and I can send you something that on the outside looks like it came from you. This happens to most of us that have domains and is something we have to live with for now.


I dont use BoxTrapper but Spam Assassin so I cannot be of further help.

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Well TCH may not use Boxtrapper, or it may be getting turned-off bit-by-bit, but it is active on my setup + I'm certainly NOT complaining. - It has certainly caused some people wanting to irritate me a hell of a lot more irritation than they've caused me :D ...


It is a shame about that mailer-daemon exploit though. - I'm currently experimenting with the mailing account (basically mail-boxes feature to see if I can bounce people trying the above...


Oh, + thanks for your advice to all who have answered my query. - It is appreciated. :)

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