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Php -> Imap Fucntions


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I was messing with the php imap functions just for fun today..and i was wondering if there was a way to access the attachments on the emails. I didn't see a function that was capabable of doing this. Does anyone know of one? Also, whats the most efficient way to list all emails in the inbox... imap_headers works fine but not sure if that was the most efficient. You know, w/o downloading the message...just the subject and from headers.


Thanks for any help,


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Hi Dave.


I believe imap_headers only returns the headers, not the actual message contents.


As for the attachments, I don't think there is such a function. You'll probably have to download the whole message and process it yourself.


I do know there is an IMAP PEAR package that may be able to handle attachments. You may want to take a look at it.


Other than that, this Google search about PHP+IMAP+attachment may have some interesting results :D

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