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Php Not Posting


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This is the script I am using to post to a db.


<edited out by GatorGuy>




As of last night it was working fine when I sent it data from a form. As of this morning when I post data to it I still get the "sending....!" message but the data never makes it to the db. Nothing has been changed so there should not be a reason that it isn't working.


Any thoughts?



EDIT: Got it working. I had added new fields in the DB and forgot to add them to the PHP files.

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If you're using a form to feed data into this script, then I'm surprised it was working before.

To access the data posted from a form, you need to use the $_POST global variable, not $_GET ;)


Try changing that and let me know if it works :)

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Sorry for the long dely. I am installing Apahe on a server.


I was able to get the script working. I had added two fields to the table using phpmyadmin and forgot to add them to the script. When I did it went back to adding the data to the DB.


On a site note though, _GET does work if you don't mind the values in the URL. I will be using POST on the final run though.

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