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Converting Layers To Css In Dreamweaver


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My original plan was not to use tables, a small protest in the compatibility wars. It's come to my attention however, that in Firebird, the columns on the bottom of the page were not showing correctly, while in IE they showed up fine.




I tried the modify>convert>layers to tables tool, but I have to undo all of my nesting and etc.


Is there a way around this, to make Firebird recognize the border?



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Hmmm, highlighting ur block elements using the WebDev mozilla extention, show things are a bit higgeldipiggledy (if thats even a word!). There should be a much simpler way for you to achive what you're trying to do. Try using alot less divs and adding borders to them to get your black boundary.


I'd put all your formatting in an external style sheet aswell, makes things alot clearer.


Hope that helps a bit, any q's just ask!


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I agree with Lisa here. I just recently converted a non-trivial site of mine to take advantage of CSS and I had to hand-modify each page in the thing. The great thing is that now there is no <font=blah blah blah><span><p><more blah> nonsense, it's much smaller and thus faster loading, and I can make global changes just by changing my external CSS sheet.


I found that my favorite tool in all this was global search and replace </P> with nothing. :)


It's worth the time even if it is painful to do each page.

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