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Usb Storage Device Problems


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Yup, Im on XP.


As for hijacking I mean that as soon I connect the usb cable (it has this little thing that is always connected to the usb port, which you insert the stick too, lousy explanation I know :) ) it takes over the cd-drive in explorer instead of "creating" its own drive.


I assume this cable is supposed to always be connected to my computer so I dont see why it doesnt create its own drive.

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Connecting just the cable souldn't do anything, all its doing is extending the reach of usb port, if there is nothing plugged into the other end windows will not recognise anything. Unless it is more of a cradle, then i might recognise it as a usb hub, but even that will not create a drive.


Very strange problem this.


You could try temporary changing the drive letter of ur CD drive then plugging the usb drive in and see what happens.



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