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Garage With Stereo, 36 Inch Tv, Frig Etc.

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Here is the "desktop", complete with cigar, cigar cutter, ashtray, Miami Dolphins Zippo, Front Page book, etc. and so forth:



A wider angle shows how much of a 38 year old kid I really am!!!



All the "spare" parts from various computers. Installed an Air Conditioner. The garage gets HOT in the summer.



The 36 inch TV (To use with my NEW DVD player...hint hint) Leather chair Computer magazines to the left.



And just more books.....to many books thinks my wife.


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And now the after. The "wife" suggested that with that mess there was no chance to win anything so I uh....err made the decision to clean up. Yeah I made the decision.....at least thats what my wife told me to say. :D



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