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Where's The Party.. ?


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so uhh... i was looking throught the forums and saw the open discussion, and figured i'd read some and start posting, but looking through the messages it seems like its more general tech supportish stuffs... do you guys get some discussions going here ever? or was that the point of the dvd burner contest? :D i think i saw that mentioned in the email, or something like it, either way i'm always looking for somewhere else to post. :D

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Pick a subject and let's discuss! My personal favorites are golf, yoga and tech stuff...and of course the bizzare antics of a 5yr old boy! :D


Too windy to golf well today so maybe I'll hit the driving range for a while.


Boy is with Grandparents, so nothing new on that front.


Yoga is a great exercise in strength and toning of both the mind and body...too bad it's not working yet. :D


Guess that covers it and leaves me back at the tech stuff.....



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