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Anyone Know This Range Of Ip Addresses?


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I have a friend that runs another sports forum and he has been hacked by a Vietnamese cracker ----> this guy removed all of the admin accounts and appears to be launching his own site :unsure: I have googled it, but cannot find a list a of ranges for the IP addresses from the far east (I run a localized sports site, so blocking non-US domains is ok) Anyone know where I can find the info?

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I found this on google here is the answer:



>Is there a way to quickly and easily resolve the TLDs for Latin American

>countries (i.e. .mx, .ar, .ve) into unique ranges of IP numbers?


No, not really. That's very difficult. There are a huge number of subdomains under each top-level domain, each one possibly corresponding to one or more different network numbers, none of whom necessarily have anything to do with each other.


>The reason I ask is that my server offers me the ability to redirect

>browsers based on IP number. I'd like to use this feature to redirect all

>clients from Latin American countries to our Spanish-language pages.


That would certainly be nice. Is there an option to redirect browsers on the basis of the domain name the browser's IP address maps back to? If there was, you could redirect *.mx, *.ve, etc., to the Spanish language site.


>I assume that foreign countries have been assigned a range of IP numbers

>(in the same way that the "146" that begins my computer's IP number

>identifies me as being at UT-Austin in the United States.) Is there a way

>to get the ranges for countries like Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.

>without looking up every IP number individually?


Actually, network numbers aren't really assigned that way. The "146" in your computer's IP address is only one of two numbers that identify which network number--and consequently which organization--the computer is on. Network numbers are assigned individually to organizations, without any indication of the country the network is in.




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Couple resources you can check out:



http://ip.ludost.net/ ("vn" for example is the Vietnam country code)


Not sure of how accurate these are (and the first one I believe is not free).


Just keep in mind the best way to prevent being hacked is to fix the holes that are being used to compromise the site. Blocking is only a temporary measure as most hackers have access points (compromised accounts or proxies) in many different countries.

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