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Spam Protection Service -- 0spam.com


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Has anyone here ever heard of or used a service called 0Spam.com? I recently sent an email to someone who is using the service.


I just want to know the pros and cons of the service. I get a ton of spam at my Yahoo! address, and I am considering using the service at that address, but not before I hear from other satisfied or dissatisfied users/customers/informed persons.


The URL is http://www.0spam.com.



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Is this one of those things whereby it sends an email to the person that emailed you and asks them to verify themselves?


Every single one of those that I've had has ended up in my junk box, spam filtering by mail.app.


I see no reason for this - I use spam assassin and junkmatcher + mail.app junk mail and get no spam (but about 2-300 a day in my spam box). It's just not worth thechance of missing a mail from someone becaue they missed the verification; or god forbid both people were runninga verification scheme and they ping ponged.


silliness. =) All this does is discourage people from emailing you and then make you miss emails you may want to see. My opinion, but hey.

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All valid opinions. I think I will forego using 0spam.com. Thanks for all the input, information and the helpful URL containing the discussion of 0spam.com! It made it an easy decision for me to see that not only was there the potential for email address abuse, but that casual emailers might be driven to stop sending me email because they wouldn't want to go through the verification process.



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