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Web Radio (shoutcast?) From Your Servers?


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I have a Live365 internet radio station. I was talking to my friends online and they suggested that you could provide some sort of solution instead of using Live365 (shoutcast).

The conversation.

Can I do some sort of streaming radio from an account with you, and specifically, one where I don't have to jump through retarded hoops because I only use Macintosh?




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To sum it all up for you in a simple statement: You cannot run shoutcast on our shared web servers (since we do not allow you to run your own daemons, and TCH doesn't have a preinstalled shoutcast server).


So what you want to do would not work with our web hosting accounts. Only a dedicated server would work here for that as Bruce mentioned.

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Respected Bruce & Mike, don't mind but still I find couple of poeple who wish to know advantages of having a dedicated box.


Please if possible provide more details on able to "do" and "dont'S of a dedicated box as compared to Resellers or a simple hosting a/c with TCH.


Pl. convey my Respected Excuse to HG, i was not able to work today and i Badly planned to Jot down points i have for TCH growth.

I face atleast 8 HRs of powercut daily, And i wasted a lot of time in

planning/ shifting my office to a metro where my DG costs me an affordable amount.


May be i'll mail HG in coming 24hrs.



Warm Regards,


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Please if possible provide more details on able to "do" and "dont'S of a dedicated box as compared to Resellers or a simple hosting a/c with TCH.

Pretty simply... with web hosting, reseller and semi-dedicated accounts, you are sharing a server with others. These accounts are all designed primarily for web hosting, period. You cannot run your own programs or processes that stay running or listen on any ports (like shoutcast). You cannot run any programs that would interfere with other users (anything cpu or memory intensive). If it's a process that is called as part of a website (basically CGI's or PHP scripts), you generally should be ok. In addition, the amount of email you can send in a period of time is limited (we are a web hosting company, not a email company... we allow email, but aren't designed for mass mailings).


On a dedicated server, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't break the TOS or AUP (which basically means, nothing illegal and no spamming for the most part). This includes running your own services such as shoutcast or other streaming services, running different control panels (but you would have to install them), and configuring your accounts however you want (you want to oversell, knock yourself out). About the only limitation we give you on dedicated servers is that we only provide them with Linux OS (and I believe we are sold out at the moment). The exception if if you get a managed dedicated server, TCH will only manage what we provide, we bill extra for installing custom software for you.


For example, I have a dedicated server with TCH... I have my own daemons (including a streaming server) on mine, custom cPanel skins, additional installers, custom firewall, custom kernel, even custom logging, on my server so that it runs the way I want it to for what I use it for (but I'm also obviously more of an advanced user).


So the advantage with a dedicated server is that you can customize your environment however you want and you don't have to worry about effecting other users (or them affecting you). The disadvantages are price, and you will generally have to manage a lot more of your environment (you need to know more about the tech side of how your system works and spend more time with it).

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Mike Sir,

thats kinda reply i always wanted, infact TCH dedicated pme's are not as expensive as the quality one would experience.


If TCH could Arrange a Demo for a Branded software which do allow a demo installation i would be the happiest customer.


Please let me know OFFLINE who bears the cost of hardware upgrade and failure cost if a dedicated box malfunctions due to reason which a customer is not responsible for.


If you are a reseller who can sell more and more Price is just very very right.


I wish the day of sept, i could afford a dedicated one TCH is able to get 1 for me.


Good night from India,




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I love these forums.... always an answer.

sorry to hear about the need of dedicated server for streams.

but the sharing thing makes alot of sense.

Shoutcast is the only thing mentioned.... i have no experiance w/ such.

i take it a simple RTP Multicast IPv6 streamer is out of the question, 2?

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