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Old Site-->new Site Cpanel Backup/restore Help ?

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Hello to everyone,


I'm finally a "new" user with a Silver Plan account.

I want to transfer my old site to my new site. I use cPanel also on the old site, and mainly I want to transfer the mail accounts and settings.

I saw on some forum that this can be done. Anyone knows a way to achieve this?

I don't want to bother the Admins all the time, just point me the guidelines and if failed then ... I shall ask for help ! :unsure:


Anyway the site design isn't so complicated, but I need to know if I can backup/restore the mails on each account (this is VERY important to me because some users access webmail only and don't downloaded on an email client on their pc's).

If I can achieve this, then I'm done !


Can this be done through FTP ? (I mean to download through FTP the accounts mailboxes, and then upload them into TCH host plan)


Also does anyone knows if this can be done without loss of emails ?

I want to change the DNS tomorrow evening (Friday local time) so to have DNS servers updated through Monday. If someone sends mail that period does it get lost, or goes to either one of my hosts ??


That's all my problems so far, I'd appreciate any help.

Regards Panayiotis



Rock Sign

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Ok, I just entered a ticket in support, to help me tranfer my old site into TCH.


I'll wait until someone contact me, and give me any instructions for the transfer, then "share my experience" with all others.


So, keep waiting ... ;)



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