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I activated spambox along with the spamassasin.


The instructions on the c-panel say: "Enabling the Spam Box feature will cause all mail marked by Spam Assassin as spam to be delivered to a separate mail box called 'spam'. You easily can use IMAP or Horde/IMP to check messages that are routed to this box. If you wish to use pop3 to check the spam box, just add "/spam" (without the quotes) to the end of your pop3 login. (Example: joe@i.com/spam) "



Can somebody pls give detailed instructions how I can access the spam box? Not sure what IMAP is... played with Horde but couldn't make it logon to the spambox...



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the only way I could find the spam folders was with Squirrel mail, go to folders then subscribe to spam folders. Looks like each individual e-mail account gets assigned spam folder and those are created at a time when first spam hits.


You will need to login with your cpanel id and pass to see all folders at the same time.

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Using to advantage the subject:


As to configure outlook to separately receive this Spam (from SA) in a folder, as in horde ?



This is possible by enabling SpamAssassin but NOT Spam box, then just create a new mail account with a name such as "spam" and setup a filter to put all the mail marked by spamassasin into the account you just created. You can then check this pop box when you wish using Outlook or Webmail.


Hope that helps


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