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Hosting From Uk...how Fast?


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Hello there,


I currently host a few domains in my company's server and some at a local host in the UK. I would like to transfer both those and my partner's to a Movable Type-friendly host, and you guys came up top of the pops.


So, I'm wondering whether other people who host with you from the UK are happy with response times? I'm just worried that we'll experience slow refreshes, and generally slow page views when people try to hit our sites?


Please let me know what the typical experience is...hosting from UK or elsewhere.





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Hello David,


I house in TCH since May of 2004 as Reseller.

I have some sites of customers in my account.

He is safe in transferring its domain to TCh.

The support is fast and efficient. Thumbs Up

The forum is fantastic and the people are friends. ;)


Paulo (From Brasil)

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Hi David,


I've accessed my TCH sites from both the UK and Spain and they are blisteringly quick from both. Although a small delay is theoretically possible, I don't think that anyone is going to notice the odd milli-second (and of course it's still faster than a below-par UK host would be).


The only other reason people in the UK feel the need to host in the UK is for the support - they don't want to wait until America wakes up mid afternoon GMT to get an answer to a question. That's never been a problem with TCH either, as they provide 24/7 support - I've asked questions at all silly hours of the day.





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Just to add my two cents.

I'm in the Netherlands so a few miles further down the road:)


No problem with repsonse times yet and I don't expect any real ones.

I'll think you will be safe and the prices and support should make you not hesitate any more :)

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