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I Don't Know Nuttin' - But Need Help!


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Hey guys -


I'm really confused about all this php, script, cgi, sql stuff. I'll admit it - don't flog me - I use <gasp> FrontPage!! I know, I know, I need to learn HTML. No time - I'm too old and my brain won't grasp it.


Here's my question. I need something that will let me place my portfolio on my website. I going through the c-panel I saw the PHP-NUKE thingy and it says that it's an online content management thingy. WOW! I thought to myself, this could be it.


So, me being my resourseful little self, I went searching all over the internet and can find nada about PHP-NUKE that tells me in pea-brain language (my required reading level) what PHP-NUkE does.


Can someone help me?? Explain to me what it does in layman terms, real laymen terms. And how I can use it to build my portfolio on webpages, if at all?? Or, if not, does someone have any ideas??



Shelle :Nerd:

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Hi Shelle,


First, welcome to the family! I am sure you will love it here.


In very basic terms PHP-Nuke is like a news/article system.


Their site (http://www.phpnuke.org/index.php) uses the script, so that is basically what it would be like (sans all the advertising)


It's hard to tell if it's right for you, it depends on the type of Portfolio you want? Is it for news/articles or is it for photos/art, etc?




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Ok - so it's mainly for articles! Hmm - I need one of those too. Ok ....


The other think I'm looking for on my portfolio page is a page broken down into groups. Newsletters, Books, Magaizine articles, etc... Under each heading there would be a small thumnail pix with a small description. Clicking on the pix creates another page of fulll size with more description of the job.


I've tried using FrontPage to create this, but it ain't happening. I'm not the most experienced fish in the sea (excuse the pun please) but I really thought I could do this. I'm desparate!! Do you have any advice??


I'm gonna check out using the PHP-NUKE for my Article Content page... Cool!! Thanks!!

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