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3rd-party Email Server

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A client of mine currently has their website hosted by a hosting company and an Exchange email server that they run themselves. I'm looking to move their website over to TCH and was wondering how this should be setup.


How do I go about setting up the subdomain and MX record for the Exchange server in CPanel?




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In your control panel under mail, you should have a "Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry)" option listed. You will need to go into that, and change your MX entry for the appropriate domain or subdomain to point to the name of the Microsoft Exchange server. You will likely have to have the name created for the exchange server first if it's in the same domain (like if it's called mail.example.com receiving for example.com, you would need to submit a help desk ticket to have the name mail.example.com point to the Exchange server's IP address first before changing your MX record).

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