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Css Width Element


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This could be because of your content in the div "fajsdlfsfdsdfasdfasfddasfffffffffffffffff". As this is just theoretically 1 long word it will stretch the div, rather than splitting it onto 2 lines, if you break up that "word" with spaces it should obey the width you have told it to, automatically putting a new "word" onto the next line when required.


There may be a way to make it split up your "long word" but I don't know how unfortunatly. However, unless you are going to have your site in welsh I doubt it will matter! :)

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In addition, you will need to specify the width in pixels, as in

><div id="NAVIGATION1" style=" width:129px; position:absolute;top:302px;left:135px;">


instead of

><div id=NAVIGATION1 style=" width:129; position:absolute;top:302px;left:135px;">


without the designation of "px" for pixels, the browser has to make a guess as to whether you are referring to pixels, ems, etc.

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