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Larry's Desk

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Here is my desktop area.


It's a Dell Dimension 4400 Series desktop


1.6 Ghz Intel P4

768M of ram

100G of Hard drive Space

30 Gig 1394 drive on the left side of the desk


I usually build my own PC's but my job gave me this one for free.. and I love how quiet it is :)

so I gave my father my XP 1700 and kept this one.


on the floor to the left of the desk is my Compaq Armada Laptop (p3 500/128 meg of ram) I dont use it much cept for when I go war driving. It's about the size of a regular 1 subject notebook.






You can see a bigger shot Here!

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Actually, the only reason I got the mac was to learn how mac os works..


I do level 2 support for a major isp, and I needed to learn how to use it.. and hand's on is the best experience..


other than that.. it sits in my basement turned off.. doing nothing..



I will never be a 'switcher' :lol:

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Thats a shame cuz OSX runs circles around anything from Microsoft. Give it a chance - it might surprise you.


And unlike most people who try to argue their point with no basis of experience, I speak from over a decade of experience in both OS camps.


- todd

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See I have this bass boat, and last year I took my friends out for a ride and we wanted to stop and just kinda float around. The wind was blowing so hard we just kept getting blown all over the lake. Well needless to say, I did not have a anchor because as a bass fisherman I never anchor the boat. But my buddies insisted next time I went out with them that I needed a anchor in the boat.


Hmm, that Mac worked perfect. Tied a 50' rope around it and it just works perfect. It digs really deep into the floors of the lake, that no matter how strong the wind is my bass boat just wont move.


So now I have a sticker on the boat "Anchored by a MAC"




(Its my sons first computer, I think it it time to play with a new MAC and OSX)

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