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hey i love ya so much you guys here is a pic of my pc and the honor to you


TCH Rocks




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man i don't know about you guys

but i really in need of dvd-r/w

because i myself a filmmaker make aloot of low and no budged films


but this time it is diffrent iam currently shooting The Forgotten Project to view the trailer or intro go here www.theent.com

its going to be 15-20min lots of action non stop

and we are makeing anotehr project whch is DVD special features we are filmming behind the scenes and other cool stuff like comentary and making of some fx.....

i have cd-r/w and i can't afford dvd/r

and i have triend making video cd

and triend playing on my dvd but i can't because of lack of quality and the film with all he feature is about 1GB and u know'

you can't fit it in to cd-r


i am not asking to win ur free dvd contest or iam not a cheater

i am asking if some how i win i would send a free of charge this DVD film when its finished and would credit you in my films (maybe some day you will have morethen 1million users)


and i would send free dvd our movie to any one who wants it in this forum




sincerely timur nishanov ( president. T.H.E. Entertainment )

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