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Help With Counters

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While looking around under cPanel I noticed that a web counter was available. I wanted to add a counter to my site, that is once I get it finished. I decided to add a counter to my temporary main page. Everything want without a hitch. (BTW, I called this counter "main")


I also have plains for "another" main page in a sub-folder to serve as the home page for a forum I am going to host. I decided it would be nice to include a counter for this site as well.


So configured another counter, with a different name then the one before, and added the HTML code to this temporary home page as before. All I get is a red "x", no counter. (see this site).


Can I have more then one counter? What do I need to do to the HTML counter code to get it to work? I tried adding a ".." before the "/cgi-sys" thinking I needed to go back to main folder, it didn't work.


BTW, if this is the wrong forum feel free to move it.

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Hey Jim,


Try this:


The current URL of the counter which does not work is:



Now, start by removing the %22 at the end of it, then get rid of todayplus/=%22/ not sure what the =%22 is doing there but its looking for the cgi-sys dir in that dir but its not there.


You should end up with this url. which should work:



If ya need anymore help, please let me know,


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Thanks for the tip. I went back to look closer at my HTML counter line. Although I didn't see the "%22" you found, I did find my problem.


><p class=MsoNormal align=center style='text-align:center'><img

Between the "src" and "/cg-sys/" I had 2 "=". Darn typos. :rolleyes:


Thanks again for the help. Thumbs Up

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Ahhh! makes sense now, I didn't look at ur HTML, just played wi the URL until it worked. But if you look at:




You can see where the =%22 comes from, the = is your extra = sign, and the %22 is the " after the = sign, which is why there is one at the end too! The extra = sign obviously made the browser include the "s in the URL.


So yup, it all fits together now, glad you got it sorted!



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