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Why Are Users Required To Log In All Of A Sudden?

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Some valid reasons for having to login again:

(a) you deleted your cookie files

(:) you are using a different computer

© you logged onto your PC with a different signon name

(d) full moon?

(e) you didn't say nice things to your computer yesterday, and now it's mad at you

(f) you didn't say anything at all to your computer, so now it's giving you the silent treatment


Computers are people ... they have feelings, and emotions, and need love and attention ... all those electrical currents running thru their bodies, and we just take them for granted.





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I have also had this problem for a couple of days. I have this forum in my favorites list. When I come to the forum I get

The following errors were found:


The board administrator requires all members to log in


Then I must sign-in



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Yep, the board's acting kinda freaky. I can login and see 5 or 6 areas on the board that show new topics/responses. I click into one of those and read the topic. Mark as read and return to the index....whamo, no more unread posts! LOL Wish all my work was that easy!


Hmmm. Wonder what's so different?


Let me look into it.

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I used to delete cookies (which would be one symptom) regularly but found that I hated trying to find all the passwords I didn't remember because they were "cookied" for the past month.


Never delete anymore! I, however, have never had to log in here aside from the initial time.


Your computer may also be programed to dump cookies automatically after a set time. I know XP has a default (I use XP) but don't remember what it was set at.


Also, I have recently had issues with Norton Firewall playing havoc with somethings like spam filtering and privacy settings. It wouldn't let me view any pictures that were based within a forum such as this one. I had to lower the privacy control to fix it. Always push and pull....

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