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Help With Passing Parameters From A Form


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Hi gang, I have a question I hope someone can help me with? I need to pass two fields from one html page with a form to another page. I am asumming this is not real difficult but I have never done it before.


I have seen some javascript examples, but would like to ensure that this will work for all users. After some PHP research today I have seen that you can use session but understand that this uses cookies and may not be enabled on all machines?

I am thinking I may be able to use the redirect but can't find the correct syntax.


My question what is the simplest way to send two fields from one form to another html page without using cookies or java?


here is the page I am working on http://www.bookinitontheweb.com/couponsignup.htm


here is the 2nd html page I would like the user_name and email to show up on.



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Yeah, it just depends on exactly what you want to do with the submitted info. If you only want to show it on the page right after they submitted the form, then there is no need for sessions (cookies). (The data will be in PHP's $_POST array that the page the form is sent to can use to print it out.) That Phorm script can do that for you. Only if you want to use that info for more than just that (on other pages) will you need something like sessions (which btw don't nessasarily have to use cookies to work).

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thanks for the info guys, all I want to do is use the fields to populate a coupon on the 2nd html with a name and email address entered from the form and let users print the 2nd page.


Can I do this using the script from Total Choice? It looks like the phorm would replace the form processing script I got from Total Choice is that correct?


can the $redirect statement pass parameters?


thanks Lynn

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