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Dada Mail Setup


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I've placed some posts about mailman in the past and have been told numerous times that DaDaMail is the better software if I want full customization control.




I've downloaded DaDa and installed it successfully as a mailing list on my server. I now want to set DaDa up to be a discussion list. The instructions (http://mojo.skazat.com/support/documentation/dada_send.pl.html) mention that I need to be ROOT to perform a series of actions to make DaDa work with Sendmail.


My question to TCH is: Do you have your own specific instructions on how to set up DaDamail? (The dada web site instructions seem generic)





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I use dadamail, but as the (default) announce-only list. If you need some specific things done as root to install the dada_send.pl package, I would suggest that

1) you do as much as you can without root access then

2) drop a help desk ticket with specific instruction for the techs to perform.


I have had good luck with that 2-step method before.



-- Dave

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