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Email And Oscommerce

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I've been running an oscommerce cart for 2 1/2 years now, installed and running fine on TCH since June. I don't have a gateway but get the middle 8 digits of the credit card emailed to me and then I process the cards manually. I don't want to get a gateway.

In the last week I've been sporadically missing the middle 8 digits email. The order comes through fine, but the middle 8 digits (Extra Order email) never comes. This missing information of course makes it impossible to process the order!!! I don't understand why it's ALWAYS the middle 8 digit email and never the order process email. They both come through the secure server portion (as I understand it) and I'm never missing any order process emails. I haven't changed anything at all since I've installed the cart in June.

Tech support (Help Desk) says there is no problem with the server or the mail server. They suggested I reinstall Oscommerce.


I searched the Oscommerce database for a solution (now and when I was with the old server company) and never came across anyone else having the same problem.

The only other possibly interesting thing to note that has also started happening in this last week is that I am getting sporadic emails dated 12/31/1969 from this email server - they're always duplicates of a legitimate email and this morning there were two from TCH tech support.

Any ideas - any suggestions???



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This works only if you use the built-in credit card module:


Login to your cPanel

Click "phpMyAdmin" under Database

From the new windows, find the table called the "orders" on the left pan

(Select your OSCommerce database in the right pan first if you have multiple databases)

Click "Browse" tab on top of the new right pan

Wait a few seconds and the content of the "orders" table will show, scroll down to the bottom and move to the right, you should see the full number you are looking for under cc_number column.


Hope this help.



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