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Imap And Aliases?

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Ok, this isn't TCH but I need some help here with some email accounts in Netscape...


My mother works for a college so she has her email account at her.name@college.com ... Well she wanted them to setup a new account for her department (department@college.com) so that she could keep her personal email out of the website and other publications. Well, I just found out today that they have set up an alias instead of a new account (and WON'T setup a new account, it's against school policy :blink: ) but I am trying to set her up in Netscape mail to get both emails... well the problem is that the school requires that all email accounts be IMAP'ed, so when I go into netscape and add the new 'department' account I have to put her regular personal username in the account info (because of the alias) and Netscape Mail is not allowing 2 usernames that are the same to be IMAP'ed from the same email...... so what the College has done is have my mom set up 2 seperate Profiles so she has to log off one profile and switch to the other JUST to be able to send an email "Fron:" the 'department' email instead of her personal one....


Can anybody help?



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With an alias account... it is typically used for receiving email, not for sending.


Getting this occur properly will require the use of something like Outlook Express and setting up an account that appears as the dept account.

This can hang you, though, as email admin are getting picky aobut receiving email from accounts that have different From/Return Path names.

Since the account is primary to her.name, it will more than likely come through with the Dept name as the From, but the Return Path to her.name


MadmanMCP may have a good way around this, as I have been out of email admin for a little while and have forgotten too much.

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Yes, very confusing indeed... I'm ashamed to admit I work for the same college because of some of the practices they use towards technology and the web and things.... however, back to the subject at hand....


What really erks me is that they have her set up so that if she wants to send an email "Fron" the department email, she has to either quit the browser (or change the profile somehow, which I've yet figured out how to do without quiting out of the browser) and then restart the program again, this time selecting the 'department' profile, which basically loads up Netscape again but she looses all bookmarks, cookies, and other such things that are relevent to the profile. We ALSO wanted to be able to have other people access this email to send and receive (the department char for one, and me (the resident techy, hehe) for two) but with the way it is setup, that can't be accomplished because they have the email going through HER.name into a department folder on the web. Now the thing that gets me is that I could set up 2 accounts with the same username, IMAP the first one and POP the second one, and it would work... but since the server settings (username mainly) are the same, wouldn't it theoretically POP all her mail anyway? So that would be redundant I guess.


Looking forward to hearing from MadmanMCP....

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