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Mail Merge Send Volume

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I periodically (about twice a month) do a mail merge in Outlook to a list of contacts. Sometimes, I notice that some emails either fail to get through or they are held up for a bit (I guess while the mail server is digesting them?). How I found out that they were held up was that I sent a single message to an adddress and this message arrived some 15 minutes before the original.


Does TCH have any limits on the number of emails that can be sent in a batch, or a limit on number of messages per second? I can set the merge to run 10 or 20 at a time...




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There are limits on the outbound through the SMTP servers.


This is to help minimize the abuse that a spammer in the network could do.

I know you said it is to a list of contacts you have in Outlook, but please do make sure that you are not spamming them. Paid TCH folks REALLY look down on this activity.


The limit you stated above will work well for you, as we typically don't publish the actual limits because the folks who want to SPAM will just then adjust accordingly and get through below the limit.

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