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Wasn't sure where to put this, so apologizies ahead of time if there was a better spot for it.


I am trying to customize my weblog, I use MT. And there is something I want to do that I can't figure out :) You can click on my link below (My Weblog) to see what I mean (I hope).


What I want to do is: See how the posts run together more or less? How would I squeeze in a blank space between each day? Someone's blog I've seen has it set up like this, but I'd like to see if anyone knows here before I hunt down some unsuspecting blogger. The example is at http://www.turtlemama.com/blog/


Let me know if I need to be more specific... :(

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Congrats on figuring it out for yourself. I know it's nice to have help, but I also know the great feeling of figuring it out on my own. I've done this quite a few times with MT. Also, if you ever have MT questions, you can post them at http://www.movabletype.org/support/. Sometimes you will get a very fast response there, especially from the likes of Maddy and Tweezerman. Those two individuals are quick on the draw!


I notice that you have a very cute coffee cup before each line that says "Angie babbling at ..." Would you tell me where you got that graphic? I think it's very cute and would like to download one for myself!

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OK. It looks like I'll have to do some searching around to see what I can dig up! Thanks for the info...

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Thanks so much for the link, Angela! That's just what I was looking for! :(



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