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Hi I wanto to acces to my FTP site directly from the web in Explorer without the use of a FTP program(It is for a client that is a computer newbee & he doesn't know and don't want to know how to use one!!!). But when I tried to acces I get varius folders and it loged in as anonymus user. I want to use a password to access the dite!! I tried varius times and it didn't work!!! in the FTP CPanel i uncheck the 2 boxes in allow to anonymus users!!! It is strange because my friend that is hosting also with Total Choice can do it!!! he typed ftp://subdomain.domain.com and a password and username bos pops up!!! but when I typed the same with my domains I just got a list of folders: bin,etc,lib,mail,pub


What I am doing wrong? what I need to do to get the username and passw box to pop up?

thanks in advance!!!

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If you can drop in a helpdesk ticket about this, they can take a look in more detail.


I assume from your example that you want to access the subdomain, correct?


If so, then have you created the ftp user for the subdomain? Did you create that user before or after the creation of the subdomain itself? The ftp user must be set with the exact same username as the subdomain name:


subdomain = mysub.****

ftp username = mysub



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Yes that's correct I want to access from Explorer to ftp://subdomain.domain.com. I created first the FTP account and then the subdomain with the SAME username and viceversa and I always get the folders mentioned in the first post.!! Also I disable the use of anonymus users in the Cpanel FTP options!!! In Windows when I access the ftp://subdomain.domain.com I see at the status bar that says user:anonymus and in the same window when I go to the file menu and check the Login as menu option I get the pop up box to enter the username & password and then it log in fine!! But my friend access the ftp://subdomain.domain.com directly nad he always gets the pop up box. What I can do to fix this?


Thanks in Advance!!

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When using internet explorer to ftp into something that needs a username and password, you have to do it like this...




If you don't put the username:password@ in there, it will log on as anon user.


TCH Rocks

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Thanks Devynn for the advice but I tried it and I can Log in but I can't see the folders and files that I have in the server? It is strange because a friend of mine with a TCH account is able to go to: ftp://subdomain.domain.com and a pop up window appears to enter username & passw and he never use the ftp://username:password@subdomain.domain.com trick!!! If theres a setting in the Cpanel that I am missing? I tried to configure the account just like my friend without any results!! Please Advice!! Thanks!!!

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Using Internet Explorer, I'd like to allow others to FTP into my site. Usually I do something like:




but ftp usernames require that you use the entire generated name (like someuser@****). So the resulting URL would be:


ftp://someuser@****:password@**** :)


which IE obviously doesn't understand. Any help?



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