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Recently considering using a CMS for a web site idea, but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the following scripts, or would reccommend one over the other. The site would be pretty experimental, so looking for lots of features, customizable, easily wrappable around other static pages (or easy to create static pages within it), and excellent integration of a forum and gallery into the main headlines section of the site. I'd like homepage news posts to allow for more media/interactive content, like pictures, but wasn't sure if admin interfaces had any WYSIWYG functionality in terms of media. And if the homepage posts could optionally be replicated as forum posts for further discussion that'd rock. (Less blog, more forum style for certain posts.)


Smartor Site: http://smartor.is-root.com/

EZ Systems: http://ez.no/

VB Portal: http://www.vbportal.com/

PostNuke: http://www.postnuke.com/

PHP Nuke: http://phpnuke.org/

MD Pro: http://www.maxdev.com/

Mambo: http://www.mamboserver.com/


I tried Nuke years ago, and thought it was alright. It has a nice community of developers, so I'm a little partial to that one. Also, I see there is an auto install for v 6.8 in the cpanel. I think it is up to 7.4 though, and was just wondering if anyone has comments regarding whether or not to install through cpanel or download and try installing myself. (felt cumbersome before) Do you keep the cpanel one updated often? (especially regarding security issues).


Lastly, one setback to phpnuke I remember was it was frustrating porting static site pages I would create in Dreamweaver to it. Always copying and pasting HTML because I needed to get the layout right first. I just felt like the "content" part of CMS's was extremely cumbersome to create unless it was these little topic-based news posts. So if it's out there, I'm looking for something that can allow for more unique content, with WYSIWYG for pictures and layout design. Any advice or experience with this issue would be much appreciated!


Thanks for your advice! :lol:



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Hi Mike :lol:


Well, personally, I just hate both PHP-Nuke and Post-Nuke.

The cPanel versions are usually outdated but there's not much TCH can do about it, since the cPanel folks are the ones who can upgrade it.


I don't know any of the other CMS's you mentioned, except for Mambo, which is probably the best one I've seen so far. Still, none do what I want them to do, so I just decided to create my own CMS and use it for my work.


But here's a few sites that you may find usefull:





Good luck with your hunt for a good CMS :)

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Hi Mike,


I'm also investagating the various CMS.

I'm not to thrilled abt phpnuke yet but that's probly because I haven't spend enough time with it.

You might also wanne check phpwebsite.



It's looks really customizable with some extra template making stuff etc.

Also got some nice modules ready to use.


Again, i'm not really sure abt it all and will try out some of your suggestions.

Maybe we could keep eachother posted :lol:

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Hi woesoft,


Yea, after reading through some of Raul's suggested site's I don't think php-nuke is what i'm looking for anymore...


I checked out Mambo, which seems great, but eventually got pointed to this site:



It's got an amazing "compare" tool for a whole bunch of CMS's. You just put a check mark next to the ones that interest you and it compares a majority of the features of each system side by side. I think Mambo, WebGUI, and Typo3 were looking pretty feature packed and customizable. But I'll check out phpwebsite now too.


Also, i think the opensourcecms.com site allows u to demo a bunch of the admin panel's, but I haven't gotten that far quite yet.


Thanks again for the help! I'll continue to post any interesting sites and info I find during my search. ;)

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Mike, I forgot to warn you about something important: unfortunately Mambo is huge resource hog and because of that it has been banned from TCH ;)


I remember seing WebGUI some time ago but there was something about it that I didn't like. Can't remember what, though.


Typo3 is very very powerfull. Probably the most powerfull and customizable CMS I've seen but it's very, very complex and, in my humble opinion, it still has to grow a lot in some aspects. For instance, when I tried it, the instalation tool (adding to the fact that it's overly complicated) wouldn't let me use a password containing non-alphanumeric characters... :(

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It seems that I misled you guys: Mambo is not banned from TCH.


I just said that because I thought I had seen a post by Mike Jones (TCH-MikeJ) saying that but all he said, in response to a family member question about Mambo, was that, just like any other script, if mambo becomes a resource hog, it would have to be removed.


So if you want to try Mambo, go ahead.


Sorry for the confusion.

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Hey Mike -


I'm doing the same thing as you it appears. I'm looking for a list-management service and think I have decided on Dada mail. As for the CMS - which one have you found that you like the best?


I already added the PHP-nuke to my Free Content page, but it isn't installing it or I've done something wrong. Now that I've read most of the posts, I think I'm going to un-add it. LOL


Just wondering what you've decided on finally. Thanks!


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I've tried a few CMS thingies and I was sort of settled with Typo3 as it is very flexible. I also like the idea that there is a bloke called Kasper dedicating his days to developing this system :thumbup:


Although it is very hard to learn and get working the way you want. You almost need to re-learn everything you know about making websites.


Very cool system though.


I am using it on www.busybea.co.uk but it's not really doing anything functional - more of a learning exercise.


Tell us how you get on.



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