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How Do I Find Mailing List Directories?


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i am currently following instructions on how to create an announcment only mailing list using mailman, however i can't seem to track down where mailman's files are located on the server.


here's the instructions:


> In Mailman 2.1.x you can customize the welcome message.  Create
 a directory lists/<yourlist>/en (assuming English :) and copy
 templates/subscribeack.txt to this directory.  Then edit this file 
 for your specific wording.  Mailman will use this specialized 
 template for the English welcome messages.


i don't see any mailman directory where i would be able to find templates and such anywhere on my server...





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Yep, i followed those instructions and then found much more complete instructions in the mailman faq... i posted a link to the faq in this forum.


Anyway, that's where it told me to customize the html templates so that when a user goes to subscription options, you can leave out certain things like digest mode and posting instructions (especially that) which you want to not have in an announcement only list.


It's not essential, I suppose, but could cause some user frustration.


You mean it's shared by the entire server (all domains on the machine)? So there is no mailman directory for individual accounts at all?





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