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Meet "guess"


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I just wanted all my family members to meet "Guess". Our new friend in our little family. As many of you know, our loved Ginnie died on July 20 and guinea pigs have to have a friend or they die from grief (not sure I spelled that correct).


Guess was born on May 18th. And no, they dont get along to well yet, but we are working on that.


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If allowed? How long have you been here? :)


"say hello to my little friend... Her name is Guess"

"Guess, who?"

"Why are you talking about music? I want you to meet my new friend, Guess"

"Guess, who? OK, fine, I'll guess... Thomas"

"Now you're just playing games. Say hello to Guess"

"Whatever, I'm gonna get a drink"

"I'll drink to that!"


Yes, I have lost my mind.

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Yes, I have lost my mind.

We know, thats why you are a part of this somehow crazy family. :)


More pics have been uploaded to Ginnie, Piggie and Gissas world. Note the gallery looks a little messy but its supposed to be a part of my site which uses frames but I lost the most recent files of it, so I will have to recreate it before Gissa is added to the main sites menu.


Gissa is swedish for Guess.

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