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Thank you for the prompt reply. But the link you posted is the same one that I did. I'm looking for something more than what they have there.


For example, I took me some time before I figured out that I had to create Categories before I could add Forums. Their documentation is mostly explanations of individual options on menus. I did not see anything like, "Setting up a New Board".



:D Sandy

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That is all that I know about (see what happens when you don't follow a link). Had I checked your link, I would have known that you found it.


I set mine up by trial and error...that is the best way to learn.


Perhaps someone else on the forum has a different source for what you are looking for.



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Tell you what, look through the documentation at the Invision web site, as well as their forum (both links were posted above), and see if they could help u out. If not, post your questions at their forum, or back here (e.g. "I can't seem to set up a new forum, how do I do it?") and us Invision Board users will try to guide you through.


Also, the best way to learn about such things is to try it out yourself. Tinker around with the settings and refresh your forums to see what has changed. Hands-on is the best way to learn, IMHO. That's what I did, just 5 months ago. :) Now I'm installing mods as well as implementing my own minor changes to the board code too!

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