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OK Uncle! There are so many help screens, movies and forums, I really don't know which one is the right place. The more I read, the more confused I get.


I am new and need to set up my email accounts. At this point, I am unable to access Cpanel via the "domain:2082" url. And I do not know how to check to ensure port 2082 is accessible for me (I am admin on my computer). I was able to get to the Index for my user name by clicking the link in the Welcome email for "before propagation". I have no idea what to do once there. I can see it's a rudimentary directory but do not know how to navigate or do anything else there. At this time there are already these folders in that directory: parent, private_, cgi-bin, images, post-info.html. Not sure why these are already setup. And I have a sneaking suspicion that this page is not the actual Cpanel.



The Welcome email said this:

"Files for public access (your website) must be

uploaded to the public_html directory. Files and

directories outside the public_html directory are

not accessible to the public. The www directory

is just a link to the public_html directory."


But I do not see a public_html directory. Assuming I must make one using either Cpanel or my Cute FTP once I begin trying to set up a new site here?


Could someone direct me to the best place for directions to step through getting to the Cpanel, revising my login and password, and setting up the email accounts I need? I would prefer to read it as the movies sometimes do not play well with dial up and/or my Flash plug in.


Thanks so much.


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Yep Rick, you are right - I used that format link that was in the Welcome email. Thank you for your help with the revision to that url format. I did make it into CPanel and am doing the exploring I need to do to figure it out. I suspect it will be a process that means I become a semi-regular here for awhile until I find my way.


Thanks again for the nice support here.



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