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I'm new to the subdomain dept....


Assumption 1: subdomain in bold = sub.****


? Correct?


Here's the real issue I'm getting at.


Can I purchase another domain, and have it point to sub.**** . In other words have somebody type in www.notmydomain.com and have it point to sub.****

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Question 1: that is correct.


Question 2: No, that is against the Acceptable Use Policy unless you own a reseller account. On the single hosting plans you can have multiple domains only if they point to the root directory (ie : www.domain.com).


Hope that helps =)

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pointing a domain directly to a sub-domain/directory of your site would have some limitations.

you wont be able to access the pages above your root directory(to my experience with this) if you are linking as



however linking your page with htt*://domain.ext/index.htm would work.

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ah, yes that does help....


so since I've got your attention....


the reseller accounts....


basically it's 20 bucks for a simple reseller account, right? And that gives slightly more space and less bandwidth than one silver plan for regular?


So, unless I'm really "re-selling" it wouldn't make sense to have a reseller account? And even then.... I still don't get it.

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There are several advantages to a reseller account, but the main one is all about convenience. Having a reseller accouont gives you access to Web Host Manager so that you can manage all of your domains and parked domains. If you have several websites, or even just more than one, this package may mean a lot of convenience to you.


But if you have only one website then yes, silver plan is a better deal. =) Many people choose to get resellers so that they can do things like part domains to subdomains, manage all their sites under one hood, and some really do resell. =)


I hope that helped clarify.

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