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Forgott My Password...


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It seems that I forgot my changed password to my new web site or something alike...

I have

Username..: turifax

Password..: xxxxxxxxxx but after I change it... I can't log in with the WS_FTP any more... Maybe when I write it it doen in "my secret place" Imade the mistake...


Please, can helpful soul at the support service send me my password to my e-mail address? Or teach me how I can reset by myself the password and the Username for my account? ( I was so used to another username and anotrher password that this maybe the reason of my mistakes)

Thank you, very much,

g. :( :) :D

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Dear Tony,

Yes every thing it's just fine... (as always when you guys and girls put your hands on...)...

Now, look on the little add-in i have put in my index page regarding Total Choice Hosting and it's TotalSupport Service... (a nice maketing idea... free of any charge... a copyright for MasterGuru Bill and co. :)

From this mad clown that (still![/ :P I]) is out there...

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Cool! Thanks, I like that!



And I LOVE that music on your site!


I used to talk to a ham radio operator in South America...it may have been Peru...I can't remember..we talked daily for about a year.


Let me know if you have any more issues.



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I hope to disturb you all as little as I can...

just to send you some ideas...

Come to Peru when you want... I wil be happy to meet you. (Maybe you can join the whole team with Bill in planning to fish some Peacock Bass at the Amazon Rainforest or some giant Merlin at the Pacific coast...). Just remember... fish the pirhanas and don't be fished by them!

g. :D :)

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