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Hello. I searches for ways to do this and found nothing... I might be blind though...


I have a website and I offered 4 e-mails accounts to some of my affiliates. Is there a way for them to log into their accounts without passing by the cPanel? Because for some hard-to-explain reasons, they can't use Outlook to get their messages.


Thanks a lot!

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If you created their accounts in the control panel, all they have to do is enter your web address followed by "/webmail"

Example: yourwebsite.com/webmail

then they will need to pick which web email to use

1. Horde mail (lots of features)

2. Squirrel Mail (real simple to use not many features)

3. NeoMail (Sort of in between the two above)


Hope this helps...


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Is there a way to pick the mail client for them without them having to choose from the three (confusing) choices everytime they log into the webmail interface? In other words, can I disable two of the mail clients from my control panel for that account?

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Webmail Link on the Help Pages.


I set up a page on my site so that users can go to that page to enter their webmail.


Rick, I can't get this beautiful idea to work properly - I'm using IE7. The test bit on your sample page gives me an error as well when I try to fill in your sample userid and password.


If I click on the error icon it gives me the ever so helpful 'invalid argument' on a line that actually does not have an argument - as least as far as I can tell.




(my domains here on TCH are susandennis.org and karolene.com)

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