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A timely thread at TCH again.


I set up MT a while ago just to see how it worked and I decided to see what other options are available. I've decided to set up Textpattern. I've started only using CSS so I figured I get to try a new blog and punich myself by configuring everything in CSS.


I'm not that astute at MySql and can't seem to answer the opening setup.php questions:


MySQL login MySQL password

MySQL server MySQL database

Table prefix (Use ONLY for multiple installations in one database)


I believe that login is the account username_name, password is the password without the account username, server is localhost or blank and database is username_database.


I get this error from Textpattern:


Database username_database doesn't exist. Please create it or choose another.



I'm thinking the problem is knowing what MySQL server is. but I'm no expert. I've installed other MySQL databases successfully and this one is there.




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(split the topic and moved the relevant posts to the proper forum for organization.)


Pat - did you go into cpanel, mysql databases and add a database, a user, and add the user to the database? It sounds like you haven't done that step which is necessary.


So as a rundown:


Database name: cpanelname_dbname

Database password: passwordyouchose

Database server: localhost

Table prefix: leave it alone =)


If you go into mysql from cpanel you should see a bunch of query strings, that should indicate it is set up right, and it will show the exact names - all of which are case sensitive so be careful with that.


Let me know if you need more help. =)

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Thanks for the PM. I understand moving the thread but the link to it didn't work from the first email.


I did create a database and created a user. However, I had not clicked Add User to DB. I did that and it worked. I thought because it showed the user and the database on the same line that it was set. I guess I could create a user and add or not to several MySQL databases.


Thanks for the prompt help!

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Of course! I think the reason that email didn't work is because I split *after* I responded. *makes a note* =)


Adding a user to the database is one of the most common mistakes and I made it the first time I set up a database under cpanel. When you can have unlimited databases it's an important step to be able to take. =)


Glad you got it working!

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