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Interactive Flowchart


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OK, I am not sure if it is really a flowchart or not but it follows the concept. At a place I worked they had a troubleshooting tool that they had taken from a visio chart that explained the steps.


What it did was give you step one and then the option of yes it worked or no. Click no and it would take you to the next step in the process and so forth. You only saw one box or step in the flow at a time. I dont know if he just made it from HTML or there was something that could do it for you.


Am I insane or has anyone seen something like this?

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AOL uses scripted support for their telephone technical support. The support technician has a set of questions that drills down based off what the customer says.


The Logitech and Olympus sites, I believe, have similar versions of this for drilling down to the right documentation for what product.


I'm not sure what the backend is for this - pure html could do it, a databse would be easier to add questions and answers to. I'm not even sure of the best keywords to try to find something like this. =/


I suspect they'd either be custom in-house scripts or expensive, too, possibly.

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